King Island Surf Safaris have teamed up with South Coast Air to provide surf and flight packages to King Island directly from Warrnambool.

Our aircraft is based at Warrnambool Airport, which dramatically reduces your travel time. Flights direct from Warrnambool to King Island is approximately 45 minutes… saving you a day in transit, traffic, parking, buses, flight delays, lengthy check-in times, security screening, baggage check-in & collection, you get the picture… you end up surfing 1 day out of a 3 day weekend!

Our Piper Navajo twin engine charter aircraft based at Warrnambool and Portland airports can get you and your friends to any destination in Australia within the day, operating in all weather being a twin engine aircraft.

Our King Island Packages pricing is based on the entire aircraft, accomodation, 4WD, local surf advice, and maps of the island and surf locations.

The aircraft can take up to 7 passengers and their baggage in comfort, however we remove 2x seats to load your surfboards making the aircraft a maximum of 5 passenger capacity.

Not just limited to King Island, maybe you want to surf Flinders Island, Kangaroo Island, Lord Howe Island.. anywhere that has a runway in reasonable nick and is 1000 metres long is accessible to our Piper Navajo.

Call Eddie on 0409 864 055 to get an idea of where, how much and when we can help you get somewhere. Fast.