You almost don’t really feel like you’re in Australia. It’s strange for me because it’s literally 100km from my house, but you never go there, and when you finally do it feels like the end of the earth.
— Ed Sloane / Professional Surf photographer.

There was no one around when we surfed, either. It was just Joe, Harry and I, then Shieldsy and Craig down the beach. That was it. I swear this day was all-time and here was this local guy near us on the beach with his car, just like, Yeah boys, today’s not that good. I’d probably give it a
five outta 10. We were like, Are you off ya head? What’ve you been choofin’ on this morning? These are the best waves I’ve ever seen! He looked like he had boards in his car and he knew what he was doing, too, I think he was just one of those guys who waits for the most perfect day.
— Jackson Baker / WQS Pro Surfer

Photo:   Ed Sloane

Photo: Ed Sloane

It’s definitely the best beach break I’ve surfed. Like, ever. It was so perfect; every single wave was just a big old A-frame. Take off underneath it and just stand there, then get spat out.
— Joe Van Dijk / WQS Pro Surfer

What an epic adventure! Scored one of the best beach breaks of my life - all to ourselves. Cheers to King Island Surf Safaris for making everything super easy! Frothing to do it all again!
— Mark

Photo:  Ed Sloane

Photo: Ed Sloane

One day we scoured the island for setups and heard some whispers about a wave on a farm. We went to the petrol station and got the bloke’s number out of the phone book, and he told us to come around and check it! When we got there the wind had come up, but dayum it had some potential. I’m sure there are a bunch of waves there that haven’t been discovered. Pretty crazy to think there’s still perfect waves going un-ridden in Australia.
— Harry Bryant / Sponsored Surfer