Flexible Fare Terms and Conditions.

  1. Enable you ("the Customer") to change your original booking date for whatever reason to another travel date.
  2. You are free to change the name of the original travelling passengers. 
  3. Rescheduling bookings must be made by the Customer to King Island Surf Safaris ("the Agent") at least 48 hours before your original scheduled departure.
  4. Rescheduled bookings must be taken within a 12 months from the original scheduled travel date.
  5. Only one booking date change of the original booking is permitted. 
  6. Fares are non refundable. 
  7. Rescheduled booking can NOT take place during the time of another customers pre-scheduled bookings, and is at the discretion of the Agent. 
  8. Rescheduled booking must be equal to, or lesser than that of the original booking, otherwise the fare difference must be covered by the customer(s).