Yes indeedy - Save $300 and get an extra night FREE accommodation when you book on the "empty-leg" of an existing booking date.


How can we offer you this AWESOME saving?

We switch off the engines mid flight and glide her home... Nah. Airlines often have what we call "empty-legs" when a charter plane drops off customers to their destination and returns empty. In our case, when we fly over to King Island to pickup a returning group from their trip our plane is empty on the flight over (and vice-versa when “picking-up” customers). So instead of flying an empty plane over to the island, we can drop your group off while picking another group up - we will pass that saving on to you! Bonus.

Note: Sometimes this offer isn't always available - Please give us a call first to check if this offer is available on the dates you are looking to go. Call Eddie on: 0409 864 055

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