As a single traveller, can I join another group?
Generally yes. There are often groups of 2 or 3 people looking to get another person or 2 on board to make it more economical for all. 

How cold is the water?
Contrary to popular belief, the water is about the same as Victoria ranging from 12~19 degrees. In winter a 4/3mm wetsuit with booties is the go. In summer months you can surf in a 3/2mm spring suit.

How much luggage can I take on the plane?
300KG for 3 seater Aircrafts
500KG for the 5 seater Aircraft.
700KG for the 7 seater Aircraft.
(NOTE: All weight limits include the weight of passengers and gear.)

Are there any hidden costs associated with flying, airports, luggage, car hire, etc?
No, there are no extra costs we charge you. Unlike other flight companies everything is included in our price. You are however required to pay for your own lunch and dinner on the island and car petrol use.

Do I have to bring my own bath towels and bedding?
No, all bedding and towels are provided for up to 5 guests.

Can I take a mini-mal, dive gear or fishing rods?
We can generally carry boards up to 8ft in lenght.

How many surfboards can I bring?
Depends on how many of you are onboard travelling, and how much gear you have. Between 1-2 boards per person is our suggestion (we have spare boards at the accommodation if required). Check the “Packages" pages on the website for more info.

Can I change the dates of my trip if there is no surf?
Yes, if you purchase “Surf Insurance” via our online booking system on our website (you must give us 48 hours notice before your original scheduled departure). If you do not have Surf Insurance, we generally can not change your date as we have organised & pre-booked everything in advance for you on this date. Rarely are there no waves on KI so this is unlikely.

Is there wi-fi internet? 
Yes, there is free wi-fi at the accommodation.

Can I get phone reception on KI?
Telstra is the only phone provider to receive reception on King Island.

Are there many waves on the island?
The island has many waves and many options to suit the beginner through to Kelly Slater.

Is there a surf guide provided on our trip?
No, our trips are self guided. We provide you with a map and a list of the more common known surf spots to help easily guide you to the best breaks on the island.  We haven’t marked the secret spots… you’ll have to find those for yourself.

Is food provided?
We provide complimentary breakfast for your entire stay. Lunch and dinner can be organised for you if you require - please let us know in advance.

Is there a season that's best for the surf? What is the best season to visit KI?
No. The island receives surf/swell all year round. In the summer months the west and south coast is generally better surf, and in winter the east and north coast of the island is generally better. All the coastline of the island can be accessed within a 50 minute or so drive - so it's not far to find an offshore wave to suit you.

We already have accommodation, car or flights organised with someone else. Can we still fly, stay, or use the 4WD with KI Surf Safaris?
Yes we will do our best to cater to your needs - please call or email us.

Are you available at all times to book a flight? 
We are available seven days a week to answer your enquiry or to book. Bookings are subject to availability and weather.  We can personalise a solution for you and tailor a package for you if you like, or you may choose a hassle free approach and choose one of our package deals.

Does the plane fly in bad weather conditions?
This depends on the weather.  Our 3 & 5 seater aircrafts are limited to flying in visual conditions and our 7 seater aircraft is similar to commercial airline weather restrictions.  Low cloud or bad weather can prevent us from flying with passengers.  The risk of a weather delay with our 3 & 5 seater aircrafts is greater than our 7 seater aircraft with twin props.  This possibility of a weather related delay is a risk on King Island, you need to understand and allow for when you book.  We can't guarantee the weather!

Can I change my booking?
Yes, if you purchase “Flexible fare option” in the online checkout. Flexible Fare enables you the flexibility to change your flights / trip up to 48 hours prior to your original scheduled departure date.

How do I book and pay?
The best way to book and pay is to select your package online via our website - payment can be made using MasterCard, Credit, Paypal.
Or you can call us if you’d like us to customise a package to suit your needs. Call 0415 919 646 or 0409 864 055

How far in advance do I need to call to book a surf package? 
You can book months ahead or 1 day before.  Anytime is OK proving we don’t have a current booking at that time.

Does the cost change with number of people on the flight? 
The package cost remains the same no matter how many people travel. Because the cost to charter the entire plane, accommodation and car stays the same. So if you bring more friends along for the trip it will spread the costs and make it cheaper per person.

How soon do I need to be at the airport before I board my flight? 
We will usually see you 20 minutes before the scheduled flight to allow time for a safety briefing and to board.

What happens when I arrive at my destination? 
We provide the car keys and arrange the car to be at the airport ready for you to pickup (unless you have organised with us that you have other means of transport around the island). Note: there are NO Taxis cabs or public transport in King Island.

How many crew members will be on board? 
There is one experienced pilot in command of your aircraft.

Are there sharks in the water?
Ummm… Yes King Island is connected to the ocean. But there have been no known attacks on surfers.

Is there a hospital on the island?
Yes. There is a hospital and pharmacy in the town of Currie.

Where is the nearest supermarket?
There are 2 Supermarkets in Currie (15 minutes from our accommodation / 5 mins from the airport).

Is there a pub nearby?
Yes there is a pub in Currie.

What else can I do if there is no surf?
We have complimentary fishing rods and some snorkel gear you can use. The island has great fishing, 4 wheel driving, diving, cheese, etc, there is plenty to explore. Visit King Island Tourism for more

Should I get travel insurance?
Yes. We definately recommend you get travel insurance & ambulance cover! Surfing can be a dangerous sport. Even though the island is small, the surfing spots can be remote and may need a emergency helicopter to get to you (Note: Most domestic travel insurance does NOT offer ambulance and medical cover). Also the weather on the island can be unpredictable and planes can be grounded delaying you leave of the island for days affecting connected flights. There is also a $3000 excess on our hire car so make sure whatever you Travel insurance you choose it also cover rental cars. We prefer to use SureSave domestic travel insurance

What happens if the plane can't leave Barwon heads Airport due to bad weather?
We have a 2 hour waiting period. If the plane still can't fly then we are happy to refund you the entire cost or reschedule your booking.